Friday, July 27, 2012

Life's a BEACH

 After 10 months in a dry land, friends and I headed northeast to the Indian Ocean. Here is a photo-log of the trip, beginning with my favorite photo:

Tofo, Mozambique
Botswana's Track and Field Olympic Team was on our flight!
unexpected bus stop 11 am

bus rank 5 am 
in Maputo--tree shopping...

the ladies who sew...note my wallet at the ready...
shopping comes to you--at the restaurant 
In Tofo--more salesmen... 
At last--The Ocean!

yoga on the beach

evening sky

first fish braii
swiss friends on the beach

back to Maputo--the natural history museum

Nucleo d'arte -- artist studios

me and Maputo friend Geraldine at Alliance Francaise

fish market
'I must go down to the sea again...'